Sunday, 14 May 2017

Police blame rats for drinking 240,000 gallons of seized alcohol after it went missing from evidence room

Police officers in India, blamed rats for drinking alcohol that was seized after it went missing from evidence room. Patna police came under fire after 900,000 liters (240,000 gallons) of moonshine and other liquor seized from residents went missing. State chief minister Nitish Kumar outlawed alcohol in 2016, as part his election campaign promise to women to “cleanse” society.  Women in Bihar and in other parts of India, wanted alcohol to be banned as alcohol consumption often leads to domestic violence, rape and poverty. When police find people with alcohol it is confiscated and placed in a room so it can be used in court as evidence during trial.
Since the law went into effect, officers confiscated a staggering 900,000 liters of illegal moonshine and other liquors. However, recently, the alcohol disappeared.
In their defense, officers who are in charge of guarding the alcohol, claimed that rats had nibbled on the metal caps of the seized liquor bottles and then “drank” the contents. However, senior police superintendent Manu Maharaaj, is as skeptical about their account as all other residents.  Maharaaj has ordered an investigation into the missing liquor, which he suspects was consumed and/or sold on the black market by corrupt officers.
Maharaaj announced that all police personnel who are in charge of evidence rooms, will have to regularly undergo a breathalyzer test. He added that if an officer is found to be intoxicated, they will be prosecuted and fired.


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