Thursday, 18 May 2017

Soundgarden's Chris Cornell, 52, 'hanged himself' in a hotel bathroom hours after he ended his final gig

Soundgarden's Chris Cornell 'hanged himself' in a Detroit hotel bathroom after ending his final gig with a song about death on Wednesday. A medical examiner confirmed that the 52-year-old rocker, who was found dead on his bathroom floor with 'a band around his neck', had committed suicide. Chris's wife Vicky says he showed no signs he was feeling suicidal or even depressed when she spoke to him, before during soundcheck before, and after his final show on Wednesday night, sources told TMZ. But when she tried reaching him again that evening, she became concerned he wasn't answering his phone and called a family friend to check on him, according to channel 4 WDIV Detroit. That friend had to force his way into Cornell's hotel room, in Detroit's MGM Grand, where they found him dead. The singer was pronounced dead at the scene.
Just hours earlier, Cornell had been performing a sold out concert at the FOX theater in Detroit. Detroit police said the death had been investigated as a possible suicide from the very start, after cops noted some 'basic things observed at the scene,' spokesman Michael Woody said. A medical examiner confirmed that Cornell 'hanged himself' after an autopsy, although a full report - which will include toxicology results - has not yet been completed.


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