Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Virgin flight from Dubai to Heathrow evacuated following terror bomb threat

Passengers have been hauled off a flight from Dubai to Heathrow following a bomb threat. The plane had just began to taxi away from the jetway when it screeched to a halt and  the entire aircraft was evacuated after a last-minute security alert. The captain on the flight then verified with passengers that a bomb threat had been received and, following the terror attack in Manchester, Virgin was putting the safety of its customers first. One passenger on the plane told MailOnline that the plane was fully boarded and was about to take off, when all staff suddenly had to spring into action,.
'We were just moving and then the captain called his flight crew immediately and they all ran up the front,' they said.
'Ten minutes later we were told to get off.The captain just came out and said Virgin take the safety of passengers very seriously - following the events in Manchester, Virgin had received a bomb threat so as precaution they have asked everyone to leave the plane.'
Passengers had to undergo full body scans before they are allowed back onto the plane. However, this led to a tense mood at the airport with some passengers refusing to get back on and demanding they switch flights.

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