Sunday, 11 June 2017

Dog kills farmer by driving tractor over him

A farmer was killed by his own dog after the animal activated a tractor and drove it over him, according to police in the United Kingdom. Investigators said that 70-year-old Derek Mead of Somerset, died as a result of a heart attack on Sunday afternoon. Police have transferred the investigation to the Health and Safety Executive, after ruling out criminal activity. According to the police investigation, Mead owned a farm, where he bred pigs and sheep. Mead also milked cows on another farm, and was the founder and operator of the Mead Group, which is a large auction center.
On Sunday afternoon, Mead was on his farm when his dog entered the cabin of a JCB tractor. The dog activated the tractor by grabbing the stick shift. The tractor then ran over Mead, who was busy taking care of his animals. Police and paramedics were called to the scene, and they desperately tried to revive the father of three who suffered cardiac arrest. Sadly, their attempts were unsuccessful. In 2013, Mead was elected as an independent at the North Somerset Council, where he served his community.

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