Saturday, 10 June 2017

Grenades are found in passenger's luggage at Birmingham airport

Airport operations at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport in Alabama were suspended for a time on Wednesday after grenades were found in a passenger's luggage. Checked baggage operations discovered four 40mm grenade rounds. A TSA explosives specialist had to be called in after looking at the images
'We do not have the authority to arrest passengers or charge them, so we contact them and they take the investigation from there,' said TSA Regional Spokesperson Mark Howell.
Howell could not provide information about what happened with the baggage owner after the incident. He also said he could not confirm at the time of the interview whether or not the grenade rounds were live or inert. The police were then called along with bomb technicians 'to ensure everyone's safety.'
The grenade rounds were removed from the checked baggage and operations resumed a short time later.  It's not  known if the grenades were in fact live rounds. The FBI has since been called in to investigate.  Most passengers know weapons aren't allowed in carry-on bags, but some may not understand some weapons are allowed to be checked - unless they're things like grenade rounds. A TSA spokesperson said all weapons must be kept in a checked bag, and if further inspection is necessary, it'll be looked at by hand - as was the case here.
'They opened it up, noticed rounds were in it and immediately notified the transportation security and explosive specialist who came down to verify what it was,' said the spokesperson to ABC News. Tina Yovino, the mother of a passenger said 'it makes you feel a little more secure. I am thankful they do that and thankful for the job they do.'

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