Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Man slaughters neighbor’s baby after witch told him that this was the only way to have children of his own

A witch, and a man who desperately wanted to have children, kidnapped a young girl and slaughtered her, according to police in India. Jharkhand police said that they have arrested Tantrik Karmu Kalindi and Bhadohi Kalindi, after being accused of killing the 6-month-old girl. Both suspects have been charged with one count of murder. According to the police investigation, Bhadohi has been married for several years and was unable to have children. The married man went to Karmu, who is known as a witch, to get help having children of his own.
Karmu told Bhadohi to sacrifice a baby and this will give him the good luck needed to have children of his own. One night, Bhadohi broke into the house of Subhash Gope and Parvati Gope, and kidnapped their 6-month-old daughter. Karmu and Bhadohi then slaughtered the girl and burned the body. They then dumped the remains in a river. Subhash and Parvati have urged prosecutors to seek the death penalty for Karmu and Bhadohi.


  1. humans are know to be heartless

  2. so his triplets will be cooking in jail now