Monday, 17 July 2017

ISIS bulletproof cars go on show in Monsul after the group’s defeat

Dozens of cars modified by ISIS to carry out deadly suicide bombings have been put on exhibition in Mosul after they were confiscated by Iraqi police. Most of the vehicles are standard SUV cars that you would find on driveways up and down the country only with the outer shell replaced with bulletproof iron sheets making them look like something from Robot Wars. After police liberated the neighbourhood of Hamam al-Qalil from the terror group, chiefs decide to parade their findings in Northern Iraq. As well as replacing the outer casing of the car, Islamic State fighters changed the passenger seats to compartments fit to be packed with explosives.
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Once the clunky customisation was complete, the terror group would sit its martyrs in the driving seat and send them to the target with their protective casing meaning they could reach their destination even if they came under heavy fire.  Japanese cars Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Hilux appear to be popular with the terrorists as well as South Korea's Kia and Hyundai vehicles. Western officials are said to have launched investigations into how ISIS has managed to get its murderous hands on so many of the Asian motors, according to local sources.

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