Monday, 17 July 2017

Man who hasn't brushed teeth for 20 years shows extent of decay

As a child we're always told the importance of brushing our teeth and - despite pushing away our parents' hands as they came at us with toothbrushes - most people are glad they listened to their elders. But a young man who claims he wasn't encouraged to brush his teeth when he was a youngster learned the devastating effects food and drink can have on your pearly whites.
The man, known only as Jay, appeared on an episode of Embarrassing Bodies at the age of 21, in which he confessed he had never taken care of his teeth through brushing or flossing.
He admitted: "Over the years I've eaten the wrong foods, I've drank lots of fizzy drinks and I haven't really taken care of them - I haven't really brushed them or flossed or anything like that."

As Jay's teeth decayed, he became increasingly scared to visit a dentist and instead let the situation worsen.
Eventually plucking up the courage to appear on Embarrassing Bodies, Jay was examined by dentist Dr James Russell and revealed his teeth were covered in tartar - hardened food debris which had clung to them over the years. A hygienist had to blast away the tartar with a scaler before Dr Russell could see the full extent of the problem. He was then taken to have a CT scan, where it was revealed he would need to lose about 11 teeth. Luckily for Jay, although his teeth had rotted their roots and the bone inside his gums were actually healthy enough for him to receive dental implants. But he had to promise to change his lifestyle habits first - by committing to brushing his teeth and cutting down on sugar and fizzy drinks.
"I'm willing to give up more fizzy drinks and I'm more into a routine so I'll be able to brush when I get up now," Jay said.
After undergoing dentalwork to insert metal posts into his gums and screw on artificial teeth, Jay showed off a brand new smile and looked like a totally different person - admitting he was much more confident.

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