Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Meghan Markle's extended family arrive London despite not being invited to royal wedding

Meghan Markle's extended family have jetted out to London despite not being invited for the royal wedding this weekend. Meghan's nephew, Tyler and his brother Thomas Dooley arrived at London Heathrow Airport along with their mother Tracy Dooley, who was the wife of Meghan's half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr.
Though they were not given an invite, the family does have a purpose for being in London. They will be special correspondents on "Good Morning Britain". It is presumed they will be dishing out information about the family for Saturday's big day.
Meghan Markle's father may also not be going for his daughter's wedding because he doesn't want to embarrass the Royal Family or his daughter. The decision comes on the heels of the fallout over him selling photos of himself.

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