Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Teenager refused to be treated by black doctor after being stabbed in the back

A teenage girl taken to hospital after being stabbed in the back refused to let a black doctor treat her wound and she launched a vile racist attack against the doctor.
Zena Edwards, from Llandudno in Wales, told the doctor attempting to clean the cut in her back: "You can’t clean it, you are dirty yourself."
Llandudno magistrates’ court District Judge Gwyn Jones told the 18-year-old: "A doctor working in hospital should not have to be subjected to such appalling behaviour."
The court heard that Edwards had earlier spat in the faces of two police officers and tried to headbutt them while they were carrying out a search at a flat earlier this month. They found her asleep in a bedroom with a stab wound in her back after she had been drinking and taking drugs at a party, the court heard. She lashed out at the officers when they attempted to put her in handcuffs.
James Neary, prosecuting, said Detective Constables Gemma Smith and Kelly Taylor-Jones executed the search warrant at a flat in Palace Avenue, Rhyl, on May 6. They were assaulted when they stopped Edwards from getting a glass of water. She was taken by the police to St Asaph police station and then to the emergency department at Glan Clwyd Hospital, where the abuse continued.
It was at the hospital she made the racist remark to the doctor who tried to treat her wound.
James Neary said: "Other patients were clearly alarmed."
Andy Hutchinson, defending, said that Edwards had been at a party and had somehow been stabbed in the back although she did not know how because she was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
He said: "Nobody knows how she sustained the wound."
He added that Zena Edwards wished to apologize to the doctor and others present.
"She is not a racist but it was a poor choice of words," he said.

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