Thursday, 24 May 2018

Two dead, 18 injured after train smashes into truck stopped on tracks in Italy

Two people have died and 18 others injured after a train ploughed into a truck that stopped on tracks near Turin, Italy. The train hit the stationary truck and derailed, flinging passengers across the carriages last night. According to local reports, the train engineer was killed instantly and at least 18 others were injured, two critically. The two were flown by helicopter to a nearby hospital but one of them later died. One of the injured was reported to be a crew member, while the rest were passengers.
Shocking images of the scene show the derailed train’s carriages mounted on top of each other as dozens of firefighters search for more passengers. Rescuers were still searching the wreckage in the early hours of this morning looking for any trapped passengers.

One woman, who broke her leg in the crash, said she felt as if she was being pushed from behind, then fell. The passenger, who has not been identified, said she feared she would die, describing the scene as terrible. The stationary truck that caused the crash had been headed to a warehouse not far away when it reportedly smashed through the barriers at a crossing and ended up stationary on the tracks.

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