Saturday, 7 July 2018

Psychic cat that predicted Nigeria-Argentina match dies of heart problem

The psychic cat that correctly predicted the Nigeria-Argentina match when both countries met at the World Cup on Tuesday, June 26, has died of heart problems less than one week after the game. The cat, named Baidian’er which means white spot in Chinese, correctly predicted the outcome of six World Cup games but met an untimely end on Monday, July 2.

 He was offered two bowls of food, with the flags of competing World Cup teams stuck in the ground behind them.  Baidian'er correctly predicted the results of six World Cup games. He achieved such fame that the Palace Museum even set up an account for him on China's Weibo, a popular Twitter-like platform.
Unfortunately, Baidian'er's correct prediction of an Argentinian win against Nigeria turned out to be his last. The museum said the cat fell ill and finally announced its death on Monday, sparking tens of thousands of comments on Chinese social media platform, Weibo. This cat should not be confused with the one that wrongly predicted Nigeria will win Argentina. That one is named Achilles.

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