Monday, 29 May 2017

Dog eats football player’s passport as he was set to travel overseas for game

27-year-old Matt Shepherd of Cornwall

A football player in the United Kingdom, was shocked to discover that his dog chewed his passport, leaving him unable to travel overseas for a game. 27-year-old Matt Shepherd of Cornwall, was set to travel to Spain to take part in the upcoming England Counties football matches. Shepherd, who played for Plymouth Albion, took out his passport to check the expiration date. Instead of putting his passport back in a safe place, Shepherd left it on a table. He went out for several minutes, and when he came back, Shepherd realized that his 7-month-old dog had destroyed his passport by chewing on it. The dog was on a bed and playing with what was left over of the passport.
Shepherd was left with no choice but to drive eight hours to Newport Passport Office in Wales, to get an emergency passport in order to get to Spain in time for the match. Officials agreed to issue him a new passport immediately as Shepherd will represent the country on the upcoming tour. Shepherd even made it back in time for a practice game between Cornwall and Lancashire in Twickenham. Shepherd said that he learned from this incident never to leave important documents within reach of dogs. He also said that he was not angry with the dog because this was just what puppies do.

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