Thursday, 25 May 2017

Restaurant to allow customers to sip coffee and tea alongside wild rats

People who want to experience eating and drinking alongside wild rats, could visit a restaurant, which is putting live rodents on display for a limited time in California. For the adventurous at heart, The San Francisco Dungeon will launch The Rat Cafe, an immersive pop-up experience available for a limited time this summer. Guests will be able to sip their coffee while seated at bistro-style tables, nicely draped with red and white gingham tablecloths, all while being surrounded by live rats. Tickets will cost $49.99 per person and will include coffee, tea or water along with a breakfast pastry.
Breakfast will be followed by 15 minutes of interacting with the furry residents, as well as admission to The San Francisco Dungeon. Rats will be provided by the Rattie Ratz, a Northern California non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of domestic pet rats.  Guests who book this rodent encounter will arrive at The San Francisco Dungeon, where they will be seated and served their coffee in the lobby reminiscent of the Barbary Coast.
Once guests finish their cup of Joe and bid farewell to the rats, they will begin The San Francisco Dungeon experience, the first-of-its-kind attraction for North America, providing a 60-minute, live-action journey through 200 years’ worth of the Bay Area’s most riveting and sinister history.
"We want to offer a frighteningly funny encounter with creepy-crawly critters you could only find at The San Francisco Dungeon," says Matthew Clarkson, regional head of marketing for West Coast Midway Attractions, North America, Merlin Entertainments Group (parent company of The San Francisco Dungeon).
"Drinking coffee while rats are on the loose? That's not for the faint of heart," he added.

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