Monday, 29 May 2017

Teacher gives 13-year-old girl award for being ‘most likely to become a terrorist’

A girl in Texas, was horrified and humiliated when she received an award for “most likely to become a terrorist.”
According to her mother, Lizeth Villanueva, who is a 7th grader, has been in her school’s academic honors program for two years. Villanueva, who attends the Anthony Aguirre Junior High School in Houston, gets good grades and has never had any discipline problems. Therefore, her mother was also shocked by the award. Villanueva said that teachers laughed as the awards were given out, and one of them said that some students will be hurt by the awards they are about to receive.

Another girl, Sydney Caesar, posted photos of her award to the Internet. She received an award for “most likely to blend in with white people.”
The school has since apologized to the students and their families. The school officials said that the teachers were disciplined. However, they refused to release the names of the teachers involved or what disciplinary action was taken.

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