Friday, 9 June 2017

Box Office: 'Wonder Woman' soars over $300 million worldwide

As the headline exclaims, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman has now earned over $300 million at the worldwide box office in just over a week. That includes a $9.3 million Wednesday gross in North America, a drop of 35% from its boffo $14.4m Tuesday and $138.7m total after six days of domestic release. The worldwide total as of yesterday was $283m and Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc. just confirmed that it made it over the hunch thanks to Wednesday's numbers.
It is now already one of the highest-grossing movies ever from a female director (sans a male co-director). Offhand, the milestones in question are Pitch Perfect 2 ($288 million in 2015), Twilight ($391m worldwide in 2008), Fifty Shades of Grey ($571m in 2015), Mamma Mia! ($609m in 2008) and Kung Fu Panda 2 ($665m in 2011).  And the domestic milestones remain Mama Mia! ($144m), Fifty Shades of Grey ($166m), Kung Fu Panda 2 ($165m), Pitch Perfect 2 ($184m), Twilight ($191m).
That's not accounting for inflation, but Tom Brueggemann over at Indiewire went into a deep dive on that note last week. The short version: If Wonder Woman tops $309 million domestic (Look Who's Talking), it'll be the biggest domestic hit ever with a (solo) female director even adjusted for inflation. And, at this admittedly early juncture, such a thing is entirely possible. Patty Jenkins' superhero adventure continues to play like The Secret Life of Pets, which opened with $104m in July of 2015 and legged it to $368m.

Source: Forbes

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