Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Farmer dies after pet pig bit off his penis and three fingers

A farmer died after getting in to a fight with his pig and it bit off his penis and three of his fingers.
Miguel Anaya Pablo started fighting with the animal, who lived with him, after coming home from a drunken night out. The 60-year-old began provoking the creature by jumping up and knocking him over and an aggressive tussle broke out,Metro UK reports. But it chomped off his manhood before biting three of his fingers off, leaving him lying in a pool of blood on the floor.
Neighbours later found Pablo and called an ambulance, and he was rushed to hospital near his hometown of Tuxtepec, Mexico. But the cuts and wounds caused by the pig's bites became infected and he was later pronounced dead.


  1. pigs are carnivorous

  2. when your pet turns on you :(

  3. lol, I think there is more to this story... if only pigs could talk.