Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Father kills his 7-month-old son by throwing him off bridge after girlfriend refused his marriage proposal

A father who was angry with his girlfriend for rejecting his marriage proposal, threw their young son off a bridge, according to police in Connecticut. Middletown police sad that they have arrested 23-year-old Tony Moreno, after being accused of killing his 7-month-old son by throwing him off the Arrigoni Bridge. In court, Tony has been found guilty of murder and risk of injury to a minor. Judge Elpedio N. Vitale imposed the maximum possible sentence, 60 years for murder and another 10 years for risk of injury to a minor.
In total, Tony will have to serve 70 years before being eligible for parole. According to the police investigation, Tony was in a relationship with Adrianne Oyola, and they had one child, who they named Aaden Moreno. At some point, Tony proposed to his girlfriend, but she rejected him. Tony became angry and sent his girlfriend a message, telling her to enjoy life without him or their son Aaden. Tony grabbed his 7-month-old son and went to the Arrigoni Bridge. He threw his son into the water before jumping off the bridge. Police were able to rescue Tony from the water. During questioning, Tony admitted to police to throwing off his child from the bridge. However, he later changed his story, saying that Aaden slipped out of his hands and fell into the water.


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