Sunday, 25 June 2017

Man uses chainsaw to slice off arm of wife’s lover

A jealous husband is being held in prison on $2.5 million bond after violently cutting off the arm of his wife’s lover. 27-year-old Jose A. Jaimes-Jiminez of Illinois, assaulted the man for hanging out with his estranged wife. Jaimes-Jiminez sat in his car outside of his wife's workplace in Arlington Heights, and he became furious when he saw her leaving with her lover. Jaimes-Jiminez crashed into the man's car before chasing him with a chainsaw. Jaimes-Jimenez kept a chainsaw in his vehicle as he was working for a tree service company, prosecutors said.
The husband managed to catch up with his love rival after the victim stumbled and fell. Jaimes-Jiminez sliced the victim's left arm with the chainsaw. He severed the victim's bones in the forearm and leaving it hanging just by skin and a tendon.
The victim was rushed into surgery and is expected to survive. The suspect’s wife was not injured. Meanwhile, Jaimes-Jimenez stripped off to his underwear while waiting for police apparently to show officers that he did not have a gun on him.
Prosecutors said that Jaimes-Jiminez first saw the victim with his wife in a store three days before the alleged attack. The husband and lover got into an argument.
Prosecutors said that the suspect thought about the lover all weekend, and then carried out the attack and therefore, they are calling it premeditated. Jaimes-Jiminez has been charged first-degree attempted murder and is being held on $2.5 million bond due to the violent and horrible nature of the crime.

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