Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Sobbing schoolgirl taken from classroom and deported to 'homeland' she has never visited

A 14-year-old schoolgirl broke down in tears when she was taken out of classes by German authorities and deported to Nepal. Bivsi Rana was born in Germany but was flown out of the country with her parents hours after being removed from Steinbart School Duisburg in North Rhine-Westphalia. She was taken to Frankfurt Airport on a flight heading to her 'homeland' in Nepal, where her parents emigrated from 15 years ago. It is reported that the family's permit to stay in Germany expired in 2013.Their last appeal to remain in the country was turned down in March last year following several requests to stay. An asylum application had been denied 15 years ago when they first came to the country.
Daniela Lesmeister, head of the legal department of the city, said authorities had "no choice" but to deport the family as all appeals had been exhausted and rejected. It is reported the girl has an older brother, aged 18, who was not forced to leave the country, but it is unclear why. Ralf Buchthal, head of the Steinbart school where Bivsi attended said the school were tipped off shortly before and broke the news to the confused teen.He said Bivsi had broken down in tears after being told she had to go away, responding with :
"What do you mean go away, where should I go then?"
Two of her best friends were also called, for a quick goodbye, as the authorities had already arrived at the school. Mr Buchthal said friends and classmates were left in shock and have since made posters calling for Bivsi's return.It is reported that Bivsi is still in contact with some of her best friends who she assured via text message, saying: "I am doing well, don't worry."
It is believed Bivsi's parents are working on getting the schoolgirl back to Germany.

Source: Daily Mirror

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