Tuesday, 20 June 2017

South Africa: 58 000 teachers are living with HIV

58 000 teachers are living with HIV nationwide concludes a study by the Human Sciences Research Council. Koketso Sachane spoke to lead investigator, biostatics professor, Khangelani Zuma. There were 2 900 new infections in the sector in 2015, the year of the study by the HSRC, which equated to eight new HIV infections every day, said Zuma.
We need to contextualise what this actually means for our education sector.
— Khangelani Zuma, Executive Director and Head of Biostatistics HSRC
Zuma explains that it is a follow-up study to the one carried out in 2004 and he outlines the parameters of the research. 12.7% of educators infected with HIV in 2004 and now it has increased to 15.3%. The good news, he says, is that the figure includes those educators are still alive due to access to ARV treatment. He says the department needs to become more involved and assist with treatment and a way forward for these teachers.

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