Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Goat born without eyes and with 'human lips' branded "evil" by locals as farmer pledges to hand rear it

A goat branded "evil" by villagers after it was born with no eyes and 'human-like lips' will be hand-reared by a kind hearted farmer. The farmer, known as V Chandra, admitted he was shocked when he saw the newborn animal for the first time but his wife told him to "save" the goat.  He has remained determined to keep the bizarre looking animal, despite locals advising him to let it die. The goat was born without eyes due to a rare genetic condition which stops them developing. The couple in Balussery, Kerala in India are now hand-rearing the goat which cannot feed off its mother. 

V Chandra said: "Our family has been rearing cattle for generations and we have never heard or seen something like this.
"My neighbours branded it evil and suggested to let it die – but my wife put her foot down that the baby must be saved.
"We were shocked to see the baby born without eyes."
Vets have revealed the goat has a rare disorder anophthalmia which does not allow eye tissue to grow.  The disorder usually develops during pregnancy and can cause other birth defects such as abnormal brain development. It is thought to be caused by genetic mutations or exposure to X-rays, chemicals, or viruses. The black and white goat has abnormally large "human-like" development, according to villagers who have seen the animal.

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