Sunday, 2 July 2017

Triplet sisters win three top spots in bodybuilding competition

There will be no jealousy between three sisters who are identical triplets as they all won the top spot in a bodybuilding competition. Andreia, Alessandra and Adriana Dantas, who are 35-years-old, competed in Brazil's national bodybuilding championships. Although they wore different color bikinis, it was hard to tell them apart. Since they cannot all win the title, the triplets were given the first, second and third prizes.

They insisted that it did not matter which of them came in first as they have the same diet and exercise routine despite each living in different countries. The triplets, all of whom are now mothers, started working out at age 17 after being bullied.  Last year, Andreia took part in a bodybuilding contest in Italy by herself, and after she won second place, she convinced her sisters to join her in a competition in their home country. They agreed and they are now sharing the spotlight.

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