Monday, 28 May 2018

Animal lover leaves €1 million to dog that saved his life

An animal lover changed his will to leave €1 million to his pet dog after the poodle saved his life when he had a heart attack. Pasquale Rizzo (90) left everything he owned to his beloved pet dog who raised the alarm by barking after he suffered a heart attack in Milan, Italy. The grateful pensioner didn’t want his best friend, a fluffy white pooch called Tor, to end up in a dog shelter when he died.
So he wrote up a will so the dog would get all his belongings, his properties, and cash worth a combined value of €1 million. Pasquale didn’t have children and following his death, everything has now gone to the dog. The animal lover was 83 when he found Tor near his home, on the outskirts of Milan. Tor quickly became his best friend and in 2014 he alerted Pasquale’s neighbours, who called an ambulance, after he suffered a heart attack.
After he’d recovered Pasquale told his lawyer he wanted to guarantee a good future for the dog. Italian law doesn’t allow for animals to inherit but Pasquale was able to instruct a legal executor to carry out his wishes when he was gone.
Pasquale died at the end of April and Tor is now living in a special facility where he receives all the care he needs. But the executor believes it would be better to find a new family for Tor and is now searching for the right owners.
He contacted local media in order to try and find a new home for the incredibly wealthy pooch. It’s unclear what will happen to Tor’s fortune when he gets a new home and where the money will go when he eventually dies.

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