Thursday, 10 May 2018

Five Iranian women disguised themselves as men to sneak into male-only football stadium

Five brave women who wanted to watch their favorite football team live, dressed as men and made it into an all-male stadium.  The women later uploaded photos and videos of themselves at the game to the Internet, where the images went viral and caused an uproar. The women used fake beards, wigs, makeup, and men’s clothing to make themselves look like men so that they can watch the game as women are not allowed inside the stadium.
The group did a great job as they managed to get past security at the Azadi stadium in Tehran to watch their favorite team, the Persepolis, who went on to win the game.
One of the women, who goes by the name of Zeinab on Instagram, has been posting photos and videos of herself in a male disguise, both inside and outside the stadium.

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