Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Piers Morgan criticizes Met Gala's Catholic theme, says "If the Met Gala was Islam or Jewish-themed, all hell would break loose"

Piers Morgan has criticized the Met Gala 2018 Catholic theme and says it's a mockery of his religion.
Morgan, who is a Catholic, first addressed the issue on Good Morning Britain. He said it was offensive to treat his religion with such levity. He added that if other religions were made the theme of the Met Gala there would be a far more outrageous reaction and he said as a Catholic he was offended by the way many of the stars dressed.
He said on the show:

As a catholic, well I’m not a snowflake, but it’s a bit odd isn’t it?
Imagine if it had been an Islamic theme, what people would have felt. A Jewish theme, what people would have felt?
Explain to me why, as a Catholic I shouldn’t be slightly perturbed that a load of celebrities have waltzed up nativity play headgear and dressed like my pope? I’ve got to say if it was any other religion, all hell would be breaking loose.
He added:
What if it had been an Islamic theme? Imagine what people would have felt, or with a Jewish theme.
She's [Rihanna] dressed like my pope - if it was any other religion all hell would be breaking loose.
When you're taking one religion and turn up looking utterly ridiculous, I think it's fine to raise a little eyebrow.
Piers and Susanna later spoke to ITV host Lorraine Kelly and the topic came up once again.
He told Lorraine:
I'm trying to work out whether I should really be quite offended by it, as a Catholic.
What're you doing with my religion, people?
I think I am and I'm not easily offended but I think I am.
 Piers was shocked when Lorraine and her contributor Mark Heyes said the Vatican gave its approval. After the show, the TV host then took to Twitter to carry on criticizing the Met Gala theme. He said people would be up in arms if it was any other religion. He went on to mention the Pope's Twitter handle to let the Pontiff know that he's "very disappointed the Vatican approved last night's Catholic-mocking Met Gala."
Piers tweeted: "If the Met Gala was Islam or Jewish-themed, all hell would break loose – so why was it OK for a bunch of flesh-flashing celebrities to disrespect MY religion?"
Another tweet reads: "Can you imagine the outrage if the Met Gala had told its guests to dress up like Prophet Mohammad or Jewish rabbis? Why the double standard for Catholics?"
When he was informed that the Vatican gave their permission, he tweeted at the Pope to express his disappointment.
He then adds: "No, I'm implying the Met Gala only targeted Catholicism because they knew there WOULDN'T be a violent reaction. So that's both hypocritical & cowardly."
Read his tweets below.

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