Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Doctors remove foot-long aubergine from man's intestines after he shoved it up his rectum

Doctors have removed a foot-long aubergine that got stuck inside a man's intestines after he shoved the fruit up his rectum to help him go to the toilet. The man was constipated and he was so desperate to cure his ailment he thought the long, glossy food would do the trick, it was claimed. But his DIY treatment - which he thought would expand his colon - backfired.

The 12-inch aubergine remained in the 50-year-old man's body for two days - as he suffered abdominal pain and vomiting - before he finally sought medical attention. The man told doctors in China that he had been suffering from constipation and nausea for two days when he decided to insert the aubergine into his anus and up his rectum in a bid to expand his colon, according to reports.
He had hoped the folk remedy would help ease his pain, but the smooth, long fruit was inserted far too deep and ended up inside his body. Scans showed it having travelled up his large intestine and lodged itself at an angle in his abdomen. Incredibly, he suffered through two more days of abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting before finally seeking help.

Medics treating the man on May 30 retrieved the aubergine whole, saying that the fruit was so far up his body that it caused lung inflammation and a ruptured bowel.
It is unclear, however, whether his constipation symptoms were relieved. Cruel social media users on Weibo ridiculed the man over his unfortunate situation.
One user wrote "Now stick some potatoes and green peppers up there and you'll get 'di san xian'", referring to the Chinese dish which translates as 'treasures of the earth'.
Aubergines belong to the fruit family and are commonly mistaken as vegetables.

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