Sunday, 1 July 2018

Entire police force from town in Mexico arrested

A shocking photo was uploaded to the Internet, showing the moment an entire police force was arrested. The police officers from the town of Michoacan in Mexico were arrested by state police, who were investigating a shooting in this neighborhood.
According to the State Police, detectives went to the local police to investigate the murder of mayoral candidate Fernando Angeles Juarez. Juarez, who belonged to the Party of the Democratic Revolution, was assassinated. When the State Police arrived at the local police station, some officers fired shots in the air and resisted their authority. As a result, 28 officers were detained, their hands cuffed with zip ties, and were questioned.
Police said that Juarez was the second aspiring politician to be murdered in just 24 hours. Omar Gomez Lucatero, an independent candidate for mayor of Aguililla, was also shot that day.

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