Thursday, 25 May 2017

Woman awarded $45,000 after slipping on french fries at shopping mall

A woman filed a lawsuit against several companies after she slipped and fell on french fries, which were on the floor of a shopping mall, according to court documents in Ireland. 36-year-old Lina Misiunaite of Dublin, told the High Court that it is difficult for to lift shopping bags or look after her children as a result of the slip and fall. Misiunaite said that she went to the Liffey Valley, for a day of shopping. When she walked by the food court, Misiunaite slipped and fell after stepping on french fries. She fell forward, and hurt her knee. Since the fall, Misiunaite is unable to vacuum, look after her children, do household chores or lift shopping bags.
The lawsuit named HSBC Alternative Investments Limited, Grosvenor Limited, Hines Real Estate Ireland Limited, Noonan Services Group Limited, and Swords Business Park as defendants. The lawyers for the companies told the court that they should not be held liable for the slip and fall because they full time cleaners employed and Misiunaite should have noticed the french fries lying on the ground. Justice Kevin Cross ruled in favor of Misiunaite. The companies were ordered to give the woman $45,000 for her previous and future pain and suffering.

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