Friday, 7 July 2017

Grandad spends 5 years and thousands of pounds renovating yacht - and it sinks 5 minutes after launch

A grandad spent five years and thousands of pounds renovating a yacht in his garden – only to see it sink within minutes of its launch. Richard Ogilvy, 75, worked up to eight hours a day, five days a week, treating rotten timbers and getting the engine running. But when he decided to test his his beloved Sea Wraithe in the North Sea she did not make it as far as the harbour wall and went down in minutes.
The former forester and sawmill owner said: “Obviously I would have liked to see the boat remain on the surface. A boat is much better when it floats. But it was a life-affirming experience and when we finally get it sailing in a couple of months we’ll have a few beers, look back and laugh.

“I don’t like to think how much I’ve paid out. I certainly don’t want my wife to find out so I don’t tell anybody.”
The boat is now propped against the harbour wall in Richard’s home town of Forres, Moray, and he is sleeping in his Land-Rover so he can pump her out every time the tide come in. He said: “I see my wife for some proper food and a shower when the tide is low.
Wife Sue said: “I guess you have to laugh but it’s a shame.
“Still, I get a quiet house while he works hard to repair it.”
The 40-ft Sea Wraith was built in 1936 to train German officer cadets to sail and was taken over and sold by the Royal Navy.

Richard bought her 10 years ago and began work in 2013. The dad of five said part of the joy of the project was being able to work on it with two of his sons.
He added: “It gave a lovely feeling of friendship with them and brought a lump to my throat.”


  1. Maybe 5 is a unique number in his life :(

  2. all the effort, time and money wasted, sad

  3. maybe he'll learn his mistake and rebuild again