Friday, 7 July 2017

Jewelry company produces $16,500 fidget spinner made with fine gold

Fidget spinners may now become a must have toy for the rich. Russian jewelry firm Caviar, which is known for their unique and luxury items such as special-edition Donald Trump iPhone 7 cases, have now created a line of fidget spinners to destress the rich. The limited edition high-end fidget spinners will be in stores soon.
They will feature a variety of jewels for different prices. Their top of the line fidget spinner is “Caviar Spinner Full Gold,” which will sell for 999,000 RUB ($16,500) and is believed to be the most expensive spinner in the world. They also have a beautiful and less expensive diamond encrusted spinner. The “Caviar Spinner Diamonds” will sell for 99,000 RUB ($1,645). The patriotic spinner that has three stones with the colors of the Russian flag, red, white and blue, will be sold for 15,000 RUB ($249).


  1. Just when it is fizzling out

  2. who is buying?