Friday, 7 July 2017

Store owner forces women to stand with signs saying they are thieves after hiding diapers and coffee under their dresses

A store owner carried out rough justice after being fed up with thieves. The store owner in Etwatwa, South Africa, said that he kept losing inventory to shoplifters over a period of time. He hired security officers and installed surveillance videos. However, when he handed the thieves over to police, they were released with only a fine.  The small fine did not deter thieves, who according to the owner, often returned to his store to steal more merchandise.
The owner decided to take matters into his own hand by publicly shaming the thieves.  One day, a security guard witnessed two women taking items from the shelves before leaving the store without paying for anything. He stopped the two women and ordered them to hand over the goods. According to the store owner, one of the women was embarrassed as she hid a pack of diapers under her dress and she was forced to remove it in front of many onlookers. The other woman had a can of coffee hidden between two articles of clothes.
The owner then wrote a sign in the Zulu language that read “Be careful, we are thieves.” He forced the women to hold the sign next to the stolen goods while people took photos and posted them to social media.
The owner hopes that people will learn from this incident to stop stealing from his store.  He also added that after the women were busted for stealing, their two female accomplices, who were waiting in a blue Toyota Tazz getaway car, fled from the scene.


  1. serves them righ

  2. lucky they werent given jungle justice